Saturday, September 18, 2010

INTD 101- Project #2 BRANDING

A rough draft for the first day.

Then I think it would be to boring if I only show 3D squares and the word 'Graphite' to promote the product.
Later, I came up with an idea, give a graphite a personality.

This is the first draft and I named it 'Small Black Graphite'.

This is the final draft and I think it will be a more appropiate to call it 'Little Black Graphite'.

Later on,I made two different versions of wallpaper.
The second one is my final decision.

This is my final product and the reason is I want to show the contrast between me and the 'Little Black Graphite'. I want to send a message is that graphite is not only a drawing tool but at the time it is also a tool to let people express themselves, graphite can work as a communication tool as well.  

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